The football players of Lyari Town used to be amongst the best football players in the country, Pakistan’s National Football Team had a majority share of Lyari Town players. Players such as

1.Ustad Muhammad Umar

2.Ghulam Abbas

3.Abdullah Rahi

4.Ustad Sheeda

5.Ali Nawaz

6.Yousuf Senior

7.Ustad Din Muhammad

8.Abdul Ghafoor

9.Hussain "Killer".

And many others played not only in the country’s National team but also were hired by International clubs. Naseer Baloch, Sahid Saleem, Iqbal Raza, Sajjad, Imran, A.Wahid, Aziz, Taj Ayub, Akram, are those representatives of Lyari Town who are playing in the national team on the local and international level. Similarly famous Olympic boxer Hussain Shah is Lyari’s asset. In the recent past Meher Ullah & Jan Muhammad has obtained a medal on the international level for Pakistan and has been a source of pride for Lyari as well as for Pakistan.